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It offered academic programmes in engineering and business management at undergraduate and graduate levels through twinning links with local and foreign universities. The following are some of the responsibilities of students taking the final year project: It is often a good idea to arrange this section by dates, which stand for deadlines. Include relevant appendices if necessary. The Turnitin Similarity Report is to be submitted together with the hardbound thesis.

The reduction is based on the total marks of the thesis. Project II is a continuation of Project I. Planning to do your postgraduate study? UNITEN strives to provide quality education to prepare students for positions in industry, commerce and academia. If the content of the thesis is found to be clearly plagiarized, the thesis will not be accepted for grading. Students will be challenged to develop into multi-skilled professionals possessing mental, intellectual and emotional fortitude to succeed in life. Aim The aim of the final year project is to enhance the students knowledge and skills in solving problems through engineering based projects.

List of Graduate Programmes The programmes offered that are currently conducted following these 3 structures are as follows: We are committed to deliver a unique and enriching learning experience that fosters innovation and research.

Student can upload the thesis for originality check starting unitne the due date of the draft thesis.

uniten thesis format

Project Objectives and Scopes 1 paragraph o What in general will this project achieve? The end product is a design or product. There are also indoor and outdoor sports facilities available that included those for track and filed events, fields for soccer, rugby and hockey as well as courts for tennis, badminton and sepak takraw. Welcome to the Postgraduate Channel.


Identify the time period covered by the report. Only, the final report generated on the thesiis date of hardbound thesis shall be considered by the College.

The Logbook must be submitted to the supervisor by the stipulated deadline. Social, Recreational and Sport Facilities For Muslim students at the Putrajaya Campus, there is a mosque within walking distance from most of the student apartments. For,at reduction is based on the total marks of the thesis. Adequacy of the content of the logbook thwsis an acceptably good preliminary report; Organization of the logbook; Tidiness of the logbook.

Failure in complying with the guidelines and deadlines may result in a poor grade for the project. The following are some of the responsibilities of students taking the final year project: Please refer to the FYP calendars. It could define the general approach to how the project and its output s will be realized o Implementation issues and Challenges 1 2 paragraph What will be the most difficult issues and challenges in the implementation?

It is to be evaluated by a panel of assessors comprising of the supervisor and an internal examiner from the college.

uniten thesis format

Objectives Having successfully completed the final year project, students are expected to have: If there have been earlier progress reports, you might make a brief reference to them. A clear phrase that focuses on the subject.

uniten thesis format

Conditions for Completion of Project Project 1 is the prerequisite to Project 2. Initen Progress Report must be submitted to the College Admin Counter uiten the ground floor by the stipulated deadline.


Assessment Criteria for Project I The assessment will be based on the six 6 considerations as follows: From this portal, besides enjoying the interactive learning activities, there are also online assessments in the form of quizzes and self-test assessments to challenge your understanding on the course content.

Do not delve into details or. The thesis format can be obtained from the following website http: Students will do selection of titles on the second week of the semester.

Fyp Guidelines v9 May2013

Health and Medical facilities There is an on-campus health and medical centre at the Putrajaya Campus. In addition, they will have to complete a research project under academic supervisors and prepare a dissertation for the remaining part of the graduation requirements.

Candidates will have to register and pass a certain number of taught courses as part of the graduation requirements. These rooms are well-equipped and air-conditioned for your studying comfort.

COGS Tips and Tricks: A short guide to postgraduate study in UNITEN: November

Candidates for postgraduate programmes are required to have a good first degree. It is also hoped that this would act as a catalyst for economic growth, specifically in Bandar Muadzam Shah and the East Coast of the peninsular in general.

Indicate the students name.