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Retrieved September 3, , from http: Though they are viewed as such, the reality is not as it would seem. Boundary — P b. Food, tuition, electricity, vitamins Wife budgets. Help Center Find new research papers in: Remember that you may argue the statement as it is written, or take the opposite view. Harbor, Divisoria Alex 43 Yrs.

Non-smoker, non- drinker They do set aside some money for future needs Exhaustion, lack of sleep sleepy Alagang smoker wakes and sleeps early. The relationship between air pollution and non communicable diseases such as cough, pulmonary diseases and respiratory diseases has long been established. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Consultez nos interfaces cartographiques sur internet. Thesis about jeepney drivers.

The limitation of this study will be the conditions of the jeepney drivers.

Not so healthy — always exposed to pollution Not so healthy — 12 hour shift 6 am start Healthy — has not experience any serious illness in his life 2 mild strokes: It is found almost everywhere in the country and it is something that is truly Filipino. Local of Study This study will focus on the jeepney drivers within Metropolitan Manila, specifically in two areas. Given this same presence of this LRT line, both experience the influx of passengers from the nearest train stations.

Conceptual Framework This study is done in the context that health inequalities are a complex problem with multiple factors that are difficult to categorize in terms of its correlation to poor health.

thesis for jeepney drivers income

We sort our …IvoryResearch. Along with this, it is also important to note which diseases they are susceptible to and how other needs are prioritized over health expenditures.

Operational Definition of Terms Airborne Diseases — Medical condition carried along by incone of air Air Pollution — state in which the air is contaminated by pollutants Katipunan — An area located in Driverss City, Manila; often pertains to the Katipunan Avenue Jeepney — a vehicle in the Phillipines primarily used as a form of public transportation Jeepney Drivers — professionals making a living out of driving a public utility jeep Health Expenditures — consumptions spent for health measured through allocation of income to health related expenses Livelihood — measured using average daily income Non-communicable Diseases NCDs — a diseased which is not passed or transmitted from one person to another Pulmonary Diseases — Medical condition relating to or affecting the lungs Recto — An area located in Manila City, Manila; often pertains to the Claro M.


Travel time from Cebu to Danao is about an hour P fare.

thesis for jeepney drivers income

Quiapo Divisoria, man with family on board Deogracias Alaba 61 Yrs. But due to their economic woes, the money they receive is allocated for other basic necessities besides medications.

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Moreover, the forr will focus heavily on the as income and expenditure to health as the measure of access of health for the jeepney drivers. If yes, since when? Thesis statements provide the main point of your essay and help to keep your writing on topic.

And more passengers would mean more money. No, boundary — half shift: With this in mind, we took out into the streets namely Recto and Katipunanand interviewed drivers who were willing to cooperate.

Thesis about jeepney drivers

Hypothesis Based on incomf initial inspection of the environment, operation hours, and jeepney fares, it is likely that the daily wage of the average Jeepney driver would only barely support a family of three, at most four. If not, how do you cope? Jeeepney terms of the number of the drivers to be interviewed, only five 5 drivers will be interviewed. Non-smoker, non- drinker They do set aside some money for future needs Exhaustion, lack of sleep sleepy Alagang smoker wakes and sleeps early.


Alternative energy essay This ako ay pilipino essay writing means that the Secretary may decide, concerted jfepney f kennedy steel speech analysis essay activities, including the right to. Wake up at 3, just to make it in drawing lots. In that episode, tthesis woes of the jeepney driver were heard. A Thesis Proposal Presented to the Faculty of In exchange of it Jeepney Drivers and Operators are trying to increase their fare and pass the responsibility to the.

Do you own your jeep? It is then important to distinguish how income and its allocation affect the overall health of the jeepney driver and whether or not it is a direct or indirect relationship.

thesis for jeepney drivers income

This would mean that they would have to meet this required amount, and then deduct other expenses such as gas and oil from their remaining revenue. By Calyd Cerio and Calyd Cerio.

Hard to find job. These brightly colored and creatively designed machines and their drivers made this clear when former Pres. Results and discussion a Results from the Interviews The following data are based on the interviews conducted to the jeepney drivers of both Recto and Katipunan drivers. These brightly colored and creatively designed machines and their drivers made this clear when former Pres.

Manila’s most splendiferous vehicles parade in a colorful blur of U. Owned for 15 years No. Procedure of Study A sample of the jeepney drivers will be drawn in Katipunan and Recto, and the study will be conducted for roughly 1 month.