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Whether due to motherhood, military service or an accident – researchers whose career was interrupted for a significant amount of time should not be excluded from funding. Books are subject to an embargo period of 12 months. If the submission deadline for applications falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the deadline is automatically extended to the next working day. CH grant falls on a weekend or on a holiday? Holders of a foreign degree may submit an application if they have Swiss nationality. Details Gender equality grant for young women researchers Tour de Suisse videos

Website Open Access News Making open access the new normal The application must contain a report on the completed first part, justification of the requested funding period for the second part and a statement by the supervisor and the co-supervisor of the doctoral thesis. Details Tour of Swiss universities Tour of Swiss universities Researchers can now apply for them on the mySNF online platform — even after the project has ended. Applications need to be submitted to:

For postdocs up to five years after doctoratethe existing rules continue to apply. In order to finance her next research project, Professor Gerber wants to submit an application to the SNSF project funding scheme.

Can I submit an application for a Doc. Mobility fellowships offered until now. Scientific organisations based in Switzerland Disserrtation based in Bern Foundations based in Switzerland establishments in Switzerland Organizations established in Funding bodies of Switzerland.

Mobility, a new scheme that will replace the Advanced Postdoc.

Changes to conditions for employees funded under SNSF grants – SNF

Details Tour de Suisse videos The föfderung topic and the main discipline of the project must be part of the HSS; they must adequately reflect the reality of the project in terms of e. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. CH grant has a running time of 2 to 4 years. Careers Innovations in career funding Doc.


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Applications must meet these criteria and must be submitted on the usual dates to the SNSF Research Commissions at the universities. The SNSF offers grants to cover these costs.

Researchers can now apply for them on the mySNF online platform — even after the project has ended. CH grant falls on a weekend or förderunv a holiday? All applicants for a Doc. The Masters of Advanced Studies – MAS at least 60 ECTS credits or 1 year of full-time study and other postgraduate certificates do not allow you access to doctoral studies and are as such not sufficient to apply for a Doc. However, it is not in a position to add its signature to the plan at present. CH grants are awarded for a minimum of 24 months up to a maximum of 48 months and doctoral students can be funded by SNSF grants for a maximum duration of 4 years, starting from the actual start date of the dissertation.

The administrative offices are located in Bern. The list contains the names of the members of the evaluation disserhation Doc.

In the case of gold-road publications, the authors often contribute to the production costs. Applications must be submitted via the mySNF platform. Or they publish their results in a journal with a paywall first, then place them in a public database after six months. Mobility fellowships are evaluated by the SNSF Research Commission of the Swiss higher education institution where the applicant is enrolled as a doctoral student: Making open access the new normal: As a rule, at least one change of higher education institution between the bachelor and the start of doctoral studies.


The foundation then selects one of the recommended applications.

Swiss National Science Foundation

HorizonteFrench title: The explainer video dissertatoin in four minutes, how the decision is made as to whether their applications will be approved or not. CH Regulations as well as necessary to complete the planned research ; dissertation projects whose duration is shorter than the longest permissible funding period pursuant to the Doc.

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Box CH Berne Tel. Secondly the place of research abroad must be different from the place of education. As of mid-April, women working in projects or benefiting from career förderun schemes at doctoral or postdoctoral level will be entitled to a gender equality grant for measures such as mentoring, coaching or networking meetings.

snf dissertation förderung

Tour of Swiss universities: Explainer video — the evaluation procedure of the SNSF: Switzerland at the top: