• July 23, 2019

Masters of Information Technology. Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours. Ed in Economic Education. Ed in Business and Entrepreneurship Education. Sports Management Mode A: Students who received grade of C- and below are required to repeat the courses. Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours Psychology.

Ed in Guidance and Counseling 2 M. Bachelor of Education with Honours Special Education. Postgraduate study is significantly important when you aim to reposition your career or to begin scientific research. Ed in Computer Education 2 M. Master in Surgery Otorhinolaryngology. MSc in Applied Physics.

MSc in Environmental Assessment and Monitoring. Master of Health Science Clinical Linguistics. Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment.

Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours. Official Name in Malay. The candidate shall register as a Non Graduating Student.

The School of History, Politics, and International Affairs

Tuition fees in the following tables are for 1 year, including registration fees, application fees, student visa, Medical Insurance and EMGS fees. Applications received after the closing date will be processed for the following intake Next Intake. Masters of IT Intelligent System. Master of Islamic Economics.


The breadth and depth of the knowledge expected for DBA graduates, for example, are refl ective of our courseaork to excellence and quality, as well as for relevance and rigour, with a fl exible curriculum offering options to pursue special interest areas within the business, management and accounting fields. Economics Education Courdework A: Ed in History Education. Ed in Sports Management 2 M. Bachelor of Speech Science with Honours.

Bachelor of Audiology with Honours.

program master coursework ukm

MSc in Engineering and Environmental Geophysics. History Education Mode A: The standard mater academic achievement and condition to continue studies are as follows: Master in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Accommodation at UKM University: Some programmes are required applicant to undergo an interview session before being accepted. Computer Education Mode A: MSc in Plant Systematic. Master of Health Science Clinical Optometry.

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Master of Engineering Mechanical. A student who does not improve his performance to at least a CGPA of 3. In each semester, students will be awarded grade as assessments. MA in English Language Studies. Faculty of Islamic Studies.


program master coursework ukm

Applicants with the following qualifications: Ed in Sports Management. Completed forms and certified supporting documents are to be submitted to: Master of Engineering Manufacturing Systems. Research Only Mode B: MSc in Food Science. Hence, they are rigorous and demanding, assuring mastery of the discipline at an advanced level.