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With a population of around 35 million , and a population density of 3. Therefore plants can not take up water from th soil, as the soil has greater concentrations of solute than the roots. Global warming is a substantial threat to the Maldives, as an increase in temperatures leads to the melting of icebergs, causing sea level rise that may submerge the island group. The massive ash cloud blocked air traffic in large parts of Europe for several days, leaving tourists and business people stranded at their destinations. Members of the Red Cross built shelter camps for displaced residents.

Health sector faces human and infrastructural shortages Primary education could not be sustained in all areas Insufficient employment opportunities, especially for poorly educated Threatens agricultural modernisation as population pressure increases deforestation, soil erosion and land degration Pressure on resources, especially in urban areas Solutions to reduce population growth: May 29, at 2: The North Sea is polluted by oil spillages from tankers in the Thames estuary washing out their tanks. Please feel free to use any materials you like in your classroom teaching. Flash flooding was recorded in Warsaw as a result of a heavy thunderstorm.

Managing population change – Revision 3 – GCSE Geography – BBC Bitesize

Uneven population distribution Sparsely populated rural areas: The most important of the new measures was a one-child policywhich decreed that couples in China could only have one child. The lava flows damaged many homes and roads and services were disrupted due to evacuation measures. Botswana Botswana is a landlocked country, north of South Africa.

igcse geography overpopulation case study

Furthermore, the earthquake had a shallow focus, resulting in severe ground shaking, and the epicentre was located close to the densely populated capital. August 18, at Besides, deforestation requires people to travel farther to collect enough fuelwood.

The toyotarisation disturbs animals, kills vegetation and creates dust stroms. This rupture triggered massive waves that reached an altitude of up to 30m.


Nevertheless, good transport facilities exist, including the M11 motorway link to London for the export of finished products and London Stansted International Airport which allows for worldwide trade. Canada is sparsely populated due to the following reasons: Suggestions include reducing construction activities on flood plains and creating spillways to divert part of the flow in case of high discharge.

Subsistence farming is common in the lowlands northwest of Maseru, where the terrain is flat and thus suited for the cultivation of crops. Subsequently, longshore drift transports the coastal sediments, which deposit in the sheltered mouth of the Humber estuary. Short term responses included search and rescue efforts in the local communities, while internationally, people sent donations to help those in need.

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Deforestation also exposes the soil as trees cannot trap it so soil erosion is likely to occur. In that case what you would need to do would be to choose an area preferably where you liveand describe the settlement e.

For this reason, Germany overpopylation adopted several measures that attempt to encourage families to have more children: It is located near Cambridge in the United Kindom, as Cambridge University provides a large supply of expert labour and allows for the sharing of technology.

In the birth rate had grown to 40 births per until politicians realised the growing problem and launched the One Family One Child Overpopulqtion in Share Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window. February 1, at 5: The desert environment is also threatened by tourist attractions such as dune bashing. Longterm responses are the reconstruction of damages houses and roads and research on the effect of ash on air planes.

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It grows in clear water that is free of sediment so sunlight can pass through. Elderly people can share skills and knowledge to train the younger generation Elderly people promote the development of grey economies such as health care, specialised facilities, other facilities desired by elderly, etc.


For example, lizards loose their natural habitat. For a case study on settlement and service provision in an ztudy, feel free to adapt my case studies on a rural settlement LEDC or MEDCor to create your own. It grows in clear water that is free of sediment so sunlight can pass through.

igcse geography overpopulation case study

Furthermore, soil salinization is geograph, as the cut-down trees no longer provide shade for the soil and the hot temperatures-caused by the desert climate of the Sahel- draw water out of the soil. The North Sea is polluted by oil spillages from tankers in the Thames estuary washing out their tanks. Also, there are not enough economically active people, causing a lack of workforce and making it harder to defend the country.

However, the Ganges Delta is threatened by floods, especially from heavy rainfall during the monsoon season and icewater runoff from the slopes of the Himalaya.

Most of the work can be handled by just a few workers using machines such as combine harvesters and harrows. How to Write the Mark Essay. Others are emigrating to prevent being abused by radically religious groups such as IS, who have trained child soldiers and organised kidnappings and extrajudicial ovsrpopulation.