• June 24, 2019

Ahhhh , your entries helped me a lott thankk youuuu. And I’m not sure about your second question. The plus point is that you get job security in a Central Bank. Firstly, we were required to present the topic we chose with our mahjong paper and then we were asked to sit down for our interview. So, I felt all clean and nice after a refreshing shower and prayer, with a little relaxing later, watching a TVB drama. The courses offered are business related and bank-related such as Economy, Accounting, Computer Science, Law and etc. Mara also offered scholarships but they stopped for economic reasons, I presume.

It’s normal for them to announce the Kijang Emas awardees first. One year of studies equates to 2 years of bonded working years. So on 19 March Friday, will call it “pre-day” henceforth , my sister, grandma and I drove to the capital city, stopping by at Petaling Jaya where my sis and grandma would stay over at a relative’s place while I was at Kijang Academy. Anonymous March 29, I had taken a liking for it, but it was only later that night that I began to truly fall in love with it.

Are there any advice you can share to me because I really do not know much on what to expect since the format changed haha 2. Application I applied through an employee referral.

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

Fretting won’t help at all. Interview Questions Please tell me about yourself and what did you do in your university.


Then, I went up to my room to freshen up and perform my Maghrib prayers but my hotel card wasn’t working! I even put on a blazer for today because impressions.

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

Syahirah Omar 20 March at I think what’s important is for you to try to learn about yourself, about what you value. We were asked to build a free-standing esszy as a model of one for an extreme-sports theme park. And eventually only 30 recipients for Kijang. Blog Statshits.

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Man, that is just so true. But after my sister and grandma went home with me forcing themI plucked up the courage to talk to people and get new acquaintances. Biasiiswa little bit scared because i’m not very well in English.

I have heard that applicants have to write short timed essay at this stage I did not have to inbut heard that applicants had to. My point is, bring logic and common sense and your calculator!

Interview Questions Why this department and why Bank Negara? Of course, self-introduction is compulsory, then I essy straight into the topic I chose. A personal statement basically.

Bank Negara Kijang Emas Scholarship

While I realise most of the scholars have good command of English, what makes them stand out is their confidence as opposed to proficiency.

The Peace Seeker 15 March at Even without nrgara knowledge of accounting or finance, we can “agak-agak” what to do, hahaha!


May I know when they called you for IV after the application deadline? You reach out to the HR Department and wait endlessly for their insanely slow replies and submit your form and wait for another couple of months before you get some form of confirmation.

I biasjswa it took about 1 hour for each person. This time, all three KE groups and all the assessors were in the negzra room but at different tables. Bank Negara is so generous: After my presentation, they interviewed me.

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

Yes, I did go to my chem class. Which came as a pleasant surprise for all of us! The freedom in managing your own life is very fulfilling and instills independence in the most effective way.

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If it’s the phone call interview before the assessment, then it’ll usually be earliest a week before. Jaz Haris March 19, We weren’t required to rearrange our seating, but to keep in mind of our respective group number.

October 4, at 5: Then a previous BNM scholar who studied in Cambridge!!!! But clearly that won’t be able to survive even the slightest shake, what more a nsgara quake.