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The information Krakauer gathered is relayed through a multitude of perspectives. To pave a pathway towards their interpretations, guided and collaborative reading and discussion approaches will be used. Epigraphs offer a place for the reader to interpret the text of the author and correlate it to society. I want these young adults to be critical about information that is presented to them information about API scores, health and life insurance, Supreme Court rulings, investments, etc. It draws students from the affluent foothills of East Side San Jose as well as students from the low-income apartments and working class neighborhoods. In every line or phrase a writer is conveying some sense of experience, and we as readers are registering it.

When you are finished viewing curriculum units on this Web site, please take a few minutes to provide feedback and help us understand how these units, which were created by public school teachers, are useful to others. From one point of view, he can be regarded as a brilliant, intelligent, jack of all trades, who graduated with honors from Emory University, grew up without financial struggles, and donated to the hungry. Did the author choose these quotes as the epigraphs because they were somehow related to his own adventure to Alaska’s Devil Thumb? Inthe introduction to her new compendium on “the art of the epigraph,” Rosemary Ahern notes that she is always surprised when someone claims not to read epigraphs: Students may view these chapters as “interruptions” in the storyline. The lessons and activities from the ERWC curriculum are geared towards the demands of college level writing with the California State University system.

Students will use the annotation strategy to highlight sections of the text where they will:. The small group discussions allow for every student in the class to voice their interpretation of the readings. The background information that readers are given about Krakauer is that he disappointed his father by not fulfilling the plans for the future that his father laid out for him. I didn’t want them to just know about the text, I wanted them to live the text.


This unit will serve as a tool for me and other teachers to demonstrate the reliability of varying viewpoints in order for students to develop their own interpretations. With these discussion questions, students are able to delineate whether the epigraph inclines in favor of the author or the main character.

Activity 4 days Students will revisit a total of five epigraphs. Explain the irony concerning the wicked who “prefer mercy. For the purposes of this unit, the epigraphs in question are the quotes or excerpts pulled from various literary sources that Krakauer selected and planted at the beginning of each chapter in his text.

Books were found next to McCandless’s body upon his essxy. The answer to ” What’s next?

erwc into the wild essay prompt

Students will revisit a total of five epigraphs. Students will use the annotation strategy to highlight sections of the text where they will: At this point in the text, Krakauer transitions to his own experiences.

The discussion could also perhaps point in the direction of McCandless as a character who sought peace and acceptance, but also perhaps the chance for rebellion against societal expectations.

Epigraph-allacy: Using Epigraphs to Elicit Student Interpretations

For this activity, students will focus specifically on chapters 14 and Regarding meaning, Hirsch distinguishes between “verbal” and “textual” meaning: Another hurdle that stood in the way of my students understanding of the epigraphs is the initial abstractness of the meaning underlying the epigraph.

In small groups and in their packets, students will discuss and record their responses to the following thee and discussion questions.

And he wasn’t a nutcase, he wasn’t a sociopath, he wasn’t an outcast. The more than twenty epigraphs address themes such as the attainment of happiness through the serene calming effect found in the solitude of nature, the materialistic selfishness of man, and the ways in which society sets prescribed expectations.


erwc into the wild essay prompt

prommpt Krakauer quotes one of McCandless’s friends, who said that McCandless “was born into the wrong century. Your essay should be as well organized and carefully written as you can make it.

It is these varied perspectives that leave room for rich interpretation on whether McCandless lived what he interpreted to be a truly good and full life.

Epigraph-allacy: Using Epigraphs to Elicit Student Interpretations

They whined and complained that they were burdened by having to analyze the epigraphs, claiming that the epigraphs had little to do with the plot, main character or narrator. Textual evidence Comprehension and discussion questions for Section 2: Students will be drawing distinctions from at least three perspectives: Readers need background information regarding the context.

Ihto is the line between innocence and wickedness drawn? Create and label a 4-column chart: The meaning within these epigraphs relates to the themes in Krakauer’s text. Responses to critical thinking questions and the rough drafts of essays will also be maintained in the packet. Do these chapters increase his credibility for writing this book, or do they undermine his credibility by making it seem like he has his own agenda and is not objective?


erwc into the wild essay prompt

What information do the siblings provide that Krakauer seems to promptt left out? Filipino students are told to become nurses, Vietnamese students are told to pursue Pharmacy, East Indian students are guided into the field of technology.