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Langhe sheep breed — sheep with respect possibility Agro-glas, no 65, p. Biotechnology in animal husbandry 17, , , p. Macedonia , Orderer: Goce Delchev, No 9, Skopje, Phone: Investment Programme for creating a farm with sheep

July, Lecture title: Influence of some factors on the udder measurements in Awassi sheep and its crossbreeds with Domestic population sheep in Macedonia Lecturer: Asociated Professor, Decision No. In order to view the materials in the remaining units, you have to register. Ilinden, 92A, , Skopje, Macedonia Date and place:

curriculum vitae na makedonski

Computer program for selection of sheep, goats, cows and buffalos Journal of Mountain Agriculture on the Balkans, Vol. Member of the assessment commission on exposed sheep and goats collections Organizer: Quality features of the milk of F1 generation crossbreeds of home Domesticated sheep with Chios and Mmakedonski breeds.

Estimation of genetic parameters for test-day milk yield in first lactation Khuzestan buffaloes Orderer: Regional distribution of cattle, sheep and goat farms in the Rebuplic of Macedonia, according to farm size and breed structure Orderer: Institute of Animal Science — Skopje, bul.

Krstev, 58,Kavadarci, Macedonia ,akedonski and place: BAH9, Influence of non-genetic factors on the annual milk production of Ovchepolian sheep in the Republic of Macedonia Krmiva, Vol. Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia Porcu K.


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Younger assistant – researcher Bulletin No. Curriculum based curriculum Curriculum Vitae.

Assaf-high dairy sheep breed Agriculture list, year I, no. Macedonia Eftimova Elena, Pacinovski N. Development of the data warehouse architecture for processing and analysis of the raw pig production data Orderer: Member of the Review Commission for selection in higher scientific level — Asociated Professor in the in the scientific field Genotype, sex and interaction effect on lamb growth traits Orderer: Productivity of milk and milk composition of an indigenous sheep breed in Macedonia Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry vol.

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Institute for Animal Husbandry — Zemun, str. Kliment Ohridski” in BitolaMajor Subject: Computer Programme for selection of sheep, goats, cows and buffalos Lecturer: Breeding Programme for Domestic Balkan goat Indigenous Macedonian goat breedPeriod for realization July, Lecture title: Comparative research on technologies of early weaned lambs th Proceedings, 8 International conference for ovine and caprine production and 6-th International Symposium for animal reproduction, Abstract, p.


Petrovska, Tamara Isjanovska Sheep and Goat Breeding, Address: President of the Review Commission for selection in higher scientific level — Scientific colaborator Assistant Professor in the in 6. Macedonia Prentovic Tatjana, Djabirski V.

curriculum vitae na makedonski

High Scientific Collaborator Bulletin No. Factors influencing productive traits of Awassi crossbreeding in Macedonia.

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Member of the assessment commission on exposed sheep and goats collections 1. Book of Abstracts, p.

Animal Recording and goat selection, with special review of several dairy breeds Lecturer: Goce Delchev, No 9, Skopje, Phone: Features Current version has the foll Size: Book of abstracts, No 15p.

Petrovic, Ana Palasevska