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Use of bullet points whenever one is listing a host of sub-points under the same category is widely regarded as an effective strategy while writing an essay. Few topics from previous year GDs are: You dismissed this ad. Tata Institute of Social Sciences is a renowned college What topics should I prepare for tiss essay writing for HRM?

Registration, Syllabus, Results, Dates Keeping in mind the nature of courses offered at TISS, questions regarding the specialization the candidate is interested in pursuing are commonly asked. Before I share my recommendations on how to approach this round, let me put out a disclaimer that essay and group discussion evaluations are always subjective and there is no fool proof method to the same. It is relevant to structure your admission essays to the kind of course you want to take up. One must be careful not to overdo this as the evaluator might pass off the candidate as one that lacks the ability to write in prose. It is the practice of arranging ideas in a way that the reader can identify the linkages between the same.

tiss hr essay topics

It’s a chance topiccs show how they are a perfect fit for the particular institute or position. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. It also offers various other Masters degrees. If you are high on articulation skills, thorough knowledge in the subject of discussion and a decent eesay in speaking, who can pull off this role with ease. Overall level of the paper was Easy to moderate.

Its a long time since I made a post. You are supposed to write a small essay on one out of Questions regarding educational background focus on an individual’s academic performance.


The problem of the Public Health System in India. How is the health sector in India?

Human behavior and labor relations should be of particular interest to you, but before embarking on this, it is important that you do some research.

So find topics like social economic growth, tisd, global commerce, how the law protects the worker, how job satisfaction affects job commitment and so on.

The round begins with the announcement of the topic with a span of roughly 15 minutes to complete the same Word limit and time span is subject topjcs change.

tiss hr essay topics

This also helps in saving the word count as ideas are conveyed without the using full sentences. One must be careful not to overdo this as the evaluator might pass off the candidate as one that lacks the ability to write in prose.

What is often the topivs matter for TISS?

tiss hrm essay topics

I recommend you to go through a good collection of mind maps provided by InsightsonIndia on all the possible burning issues that may appear as your essay and group discussion topic. The questions are normally asked The first was the PIT or the …. The caveat is that this practice may require time to succeed as the visualization of text may not come naturally to everyone.

Here this time I would like to share with you that as a fresher in essay you can refer some essay writing service available in internet. Answered Jan 24, What subjects need to I get ready for tiss essay Do some thorough research on these basic fields and the information coming topica on them.


Tata Inst. of Social Sciences

Tiss hr essay topics. And came at such a right time They asked about it and I Before the submission hgm your essay, make sure that you either have memorised the mind map created or noted down somewhere if provision for the same is given to you. TISS follows a unique format of combining words essay round along with group discussion.

Another way of doing the research on the relevant topics is to go through such sites as affordable writing services since many writers use these platforms to post essays that students can buy for their school papers.

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The basic structure of the essay involves the introduction, body content and the conclusion. Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai An essay is a reflection of one’s personality. Quora ads offer a vast variety of question topics to target readers looking for a solution, right now.

This person will take the job of noting down all the points that have been discussed and waits for the opportune moment close to the end of the discussion.

tiss hrm essay topics

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