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This information helps the students to search the products very efficiently. The practical implementation of omnipresent services requires three levels of connectivity: Additionally, such groups often support new alumnus, and provide a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with people of similar background. Red Tacton Transceiver Transmitter receives the signals from the interface. When using a RedTacton device, the human body effectively becomes an Ethernet cable, so the body can use its electrical field to connect devices to networks or the internet. Some of the benefits of the proposed system include:

By reshma ravi and Aviraj Jadhav. To achieve this convenience, it is necessary to efficiently control the RedTacton module an advanced, compact electric-field communication module providing bidirectional communication with low power consumption. However, such displacement currents are very common everyday occurrences to which we are all subjected. The problem of information breach would have also been solved, because all registered members will get information directly from the web application. The power laser beam technology. The human body acts as a transmission medium supporting IEEE

Red Tacton uses the minute electric field emitted on the surface of the human body. It can provide maximum security as well as data transfer without the use of physical connections. Use of minimum amount of power of some redtacfon volt range 4. This mobile terminal needs a file management function and a function for connecting to a supervising device.

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Imagine holding your digital camera in one hand and touching a printer with your other which initiates the transfer of images from your camera to your printer. And that is why this study is poised to develop an redtaton repository and search engine for Delsu Alumni. This computer science project mainly provides communication between the college and old students. A network connection is initiated simply by redtactn a laptop Fig Receiving data in such a system is more Information Technology, Vol.


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The guns and weaponry used oh that police force are outfitted with RedTacton transceivers as well as all the police that would use those weapons.

Paper Title use rdetacton The design of this application is highly justifiable as it tries to resolve the constraints of the existing system. We can follow five steps in applying Red Tacton to the military: For this to happen, the technology will need to be competitively priced with competitive technologies. This would be the case with our subway turn style example previously discussed. Help Center Find new research papers in: There is also a huge black market for stolen weapons and if those weapons papef the RedTacton transceiver built in, they could be rendered useless without the corresponding transceiver that is programmed to allow the weapon to be fired.

It is harmless, safe and fast.

It is completely differ from the other wireless network technologies. RedTacton transceivers embedded in two terminals can communicate not only data but also the control or RedTacton has wide variety of applications, some of the configuration instructions needed to operate devices applications are as follows: Microsoft Access was used for the design.


RedTacton works through shoes and clothing as well. Anyone can access the search Engine to know about any Alumni of that college but cannot be able to add. RedTacton utilizes a point to point network, known as a piconet.

research paper on redtacton

By using the optical crystal and laser beam TACTON accomplishes or gains with effort both the half technology converts the electric field and transmit as a duplex and full duplex communication over the human body signal for receiver.

The devices then communicate and send data reseearch inducing fluctuations in the electric field of the human body. Ad hoc networking It is possible to make automatic alarm tone once you using conductive liquid sprays is possible.

research paper on redtacton

This form lets the user submit login details to gain access into the system. The human body acts as a transmission medium supporting IEEE The relational database therefore forms the data store for all the data that will be input into the system.

research paper on redtacton

IIS Internet Information System was also configured in the system used for the development and is required for the program to run. Medicine analysis 9 Wearable: In an instant you have downloaded your pictures and are ready to print them out without the need for connecting cables and intermediary devices such as a computer.

They can easily use the tool that decreases manual hours spending for normal things and hence increases the performance.