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Non-academic factors also matter. Statement of the Problem: Now, even private schools are required to take the examination. Socio-economic status and education of the parents had been found to influence academic achievement of the students of both the cultures. Not all students who excel academically also excel in such examination. In recent times, students have found a need to seek employment while studying on a part-time basis due to financial constraints. The results indicated significant gender difference in academic achievement, the girls scored higher than boys significantly.

Please accomplish the questionnaire completely and honestly. Co-curricular activities help in realizing the importance of education and develop the spirit of healthy competition. The information that will be derived from this study will encourage them to provide better and higher education, living conditions and harmonious family relations. Psychological needs such as emotions, self-assertion, sex, and curiosity are trained and groomed by these activities. In terms of age, it can be noted from table 1, that Tella investigated the impact of motivation on academic achievement in mathematics. Teachers get more time to understand their students.

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A negative academic behavior, more often than not, results to academic failures. The permissive style is when the strictness over the children has been lifted. According to them, Co-curricular activities play vital role in student life. Competitiveness, excellence, quality achievements, creativeness and enthusiasm are few of the ethics of extra-curricular activities and also strengthen the meaning of co curricular activities in school.

The Correlation of Ncae Examinations and the Academic Performance of the Students (Chapter 1)

This review material is pertinent for it provides dependable information on different subject areas every senior ought to be familiar with. More specifically, this looked for the answer to the following sub-problems: But with the results of NCAE, students and abkut can better decide on what career path to choose where their child would likely aout meet success. Learners need to be prepared for these challenges that lie ahead of them.


It should be noted reserch whatever effort that teachers exert to enhance students learning, the honors lay with the students. The hope is that, by determining which careers they are ideally suited reseqrch, students can plan a course of study that will give them the skills and education they will need for their ideal careers.

Related Studies Previously conducted studies were reviewed by the researchers as they were deemed relevant to the study to be undertaken. In a mixed ability class it has been proven that if students are not streamed according to the students capability have a higher overall attainment and equitable outcomes Boaler, The result helps the students decide what course they should get.

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Socio-economic status and education of the parents had been found to influence academic achievement of the students of both the cultures. Sunitha studied academic learning environment of students from aided and unaided co-educational high schools. Co-curricular activity is also an effective platform to make absorb values like social, aesthetic, cultural, recreational and disciplinary among students. The participants of the study were secondary school students of both sexes drawn from ten schools of Ibadan.

Academic Performance To perform is to take a complex series of actions that integrate skills and knowledge to produce a valuable result.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Co-curricular Activities furnish many values among students. The results revealed no significant different in academic achievement of boys and girls.

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Is there a significant difference between the levels of performance of the students in the following paired facts? Being the inquirers of this study, the researchers will be enlightened with their queries on the correlation of the NCAE results and the Academic Performance of the students. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Students are expected to learn Setswana until they finish secondary school while, English is a medium of instruction from primary up to university level.


The sample of the study consisted of boys and girls, drawn from the various private and government high school of Warangal city in Andhra Pradesh.

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This is supported by Yusuf when contending that the performance should not only be based in terms of test and examination results and student ability to apply what is learnt and the rate at which students move on to higher institution of learning, but should include other areas such as whether the students have acquired ahout survival skills.

Co-curricular activities help in holistic development of the personality.

As such, these variables may have influenced the student- respondents academic achievements. Such quality education shall be an instrument in the pursuit of the common good, peace and unity, environmental security and sustain growth and development. Mcae the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

research paper about ncae

The factors that can be varied fall into three categories: In some instances, the performer is an individual. As career competitions sbout even fiercer, the importance of students pa;er specifically graduating students — doing well in their studies has caught the attention of parents, legislators and educational departments.

They make up the students in the educational system. For the will answer the questionnaire provided. It is also aimed at determining the best-suited college courses for the examinees after graduation from high school.