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If you determine that licensure as a doctoral level Psychologist in your state is not possible with a degree from NCU, you should consider what goals are most important to you. Doctor of Philosophy in Education Description of Program The PhD Program is suitable for innovative self-starters who want to combine a strong base of theoretical knowledge with a desire to conduct research in and about colleges, PK schools, proprietary organizations, private, non-profit, and public organizations, or the military. Licensure as a Psychologist requires a doctoral degree see the Department of Labor fact sheet on psychologists at http: You also need to attend to rules of grammar and punctuation. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program allows a great deal of flexibility in constructing a program of study. Explore the rest of this site to gain more information about licensure, particularly the national exam that states require. The PhD Program may be completed in 60 semester credit hours.

Most have a student membership category. Some of the rules are relevant only for submitting papers to a journal for possible publication. School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Most commonly, some hours are completed as part of the degree and more hours must be completed after the degree is granted. An online northcentral university dissertation handbook northcentral university dissertation handbook associate degree in early childhood education typically takes two years of full-time study to complete. An individual may contact the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education for review of a complaint.

In addition, Learners seeking to transfer credits taken elsewhere usually find that more credits can be applied to the general specialization.

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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Run the Spelling and Grammar check on every paper you submit. You must complete application materials in order to enroll in a practicum course.

ncu dissertation handbook

The School of Education serves educational leaders by providing online graduate studies in education to reach worldwide populations. To find out more about master’s level licensing in your state, you can use a search engine such as Google with a search term such as Arizona counseling license board fill in your state.


To earn the PhD the student must demonstrate the ability, motivation, and commitment and Northcentral University will provide the faculty, the academic support and process to assist with the attainment of high academic goals. These requirements are less rigorous than those specified for a doctoral level license but nonetheless specify minimum standards for: The ability to write clearly dissertatiion very important in psychology.

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The PhD degree in Education focuses on enhancing the body of knowledge of education. The board specifies the requirements for each license.

The General Psychology specialization allows the greatest flexibility in selecting courses; Learners in general psychology construct a program of study designed to match their own unique interests.

The manual suggests ways to communicate past research and theory on a topic, present your ideas and conclusions, and eliminate jargon and potentially offensive language. Writing and APA Style. Make sure you know the rules for citing a paper in APA style — name, year, title, etc.

Be aware that plagiarism may result in a failing grade and dismissal from the university. Although a search of amazon. The normal time disclosed above reflects the experience of students who may have entered under different program nch.

A doctoral degree may of course be used instead of the master’s degree to qualify for the license.

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All PhD students are required to demonstrate competency in these areas: In addition, students need to use computer programs for the statistical analysis and presentation of data e. Sometimes the rules require that a course is part of the degree; sometimes a course may be completed separately if it was not part of the degree.


Research by Ramirez suggests that Therefore, the program is now designed for students enrolling today to take advantage of these revised course structures, lengths, and schedules.

See this Web page by Karl Wuensch for a good overview of the topic. Diasertation Login Alumni Apply Now. Communicate with diverse audiences about educational theories, research, and practices.

ncu dissertation handbook

You may also need to review the ethics codes of other professional organizations — gerontology, child research, etc. NCU Catalog – February NCU Catalog – April For example, you need to tell the publisher about the “running head” you wish to handboo, at the top of the published pages but this is usually not needed for course papers. Licensure as a Psychologist requires a doctoral degree see the Department of Labor fact sheet on psychologists at http: Examples of acceptable doctoral degrees include doctor of philosophy PhDand doctor of education EdD.

Time to Completion Northcentral University allows 7 years to complete all doctoral programs of 60 credits or less.

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Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in the Northcentral University Catalog, students and others who use the Catalog should note that laws, rules, and policies change from time to time and that these changes may alter the information contained in this publication. The Doctor of Philosophy in Sport and Athletic Management is a rigorous, research-based degree program requiring students to apply educational concepts and management principles in the planning, organizing, leading, and directing of sports and athletics.

Writing Style APA style also provides guides for clear writing.