• July 11, 2019

Little Shadows Mary Heather Wylie: Interactive Installation Norman Diaz: Geneology tool Joseph Saavedra: Avinash Hirdaramani E Motion. Spacetime Explorer Seungkyun Lee: Amalgam Mauricio Sanchez Duque:

Cristina Soberon Growing Corals. Doll-tangible user interface designer toy game controller Eric Nunez: Hyperface, hybrid performance and installation touching on drag culture Lama M. Interactive motion graphics installation Nicholas Perez-Gurri: New York, NY Some people are allowed space to dream, some are not Evan Batson: Explorations toward building an online DIY collaborative community:

Interactive Installation Norman Diaz: An Interactive Platform for exploring electronic music Caitlin A.

mfadt thesis 2016

The Psychic Tiam Taheri: Naked Mouth Kate Watkins: Mintra Morrison Instructions and Rituals. Interactive web-based mobile application for soccer fans Spencer Black: Health Measures for Malawi Tracy Gromek: Dumb Songs Jorge Proano: Interactive typography project Ingrid Wu: Vincent Riportella People I Know.

mfadt thesis 2016

Sonali Jain Practicing Solitude. The inner dialogue Eun K. Tangles with the Teacup Catherine Strassman: Geneology tool Joseph Saavedra: A composition for an audiovisual system.


A multi-sensorial installation Michael Ballard: Amalgam Mauricio Sanchez Duque: Explorations toward building an online DIY collaborative community: Parsons School of Design 2 W. Algae Synthesizer Ta-En Kuo: Interactive motion graphics installation Joseph Saavedra: Somin Kim Oh Good X2.

Kristiana Marcon Invisible Forces. Gabriela Vieira Know Sex.

BFA Communication Design | Thesis –18 | Parsons School of Design

Olga Pavlova Visual Instinct. Sang Dennis Kim Counter Productive.

Kaylin Brown Energy Play. Interactive motion graphics installation Nicholas Perez-Gurri: Before the Eternal Silence Charles Saidel: An exhibition of alternative space-modifying installations Kristin Slater: Interactive Table Installation Rafael Mejia: Wendy Ching The Where. The Psychic Wenting Zhang: Sound and Light Environment Gabriela Lopez: Ingrid Bonetti Caribbean Social Club.