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RLG worksheet for estimating digital reformatting costs. Historically significant journal articles: The port has been created by Emanuel Haupt. Whether a project is small or large, however, libraries must consider the many implications of maintaining digital files over time. Word documents were finally saved as HTML. Received Jul; Accepted Nov. Nevertheless, I have been contacted by users of those platforms and helped them solve problems compiling or using ssocr.

This website has a variety of assessment techniques. A script using this info and a password is then used for login. Historically significant journal articles: To digitize X pages and images, libraries would estimate using the 0. Second, the older fonts and the poor condition of many of these articles complicated the OCR process. This added greatly to the time needed for proofreading and file formatting.

The cost of digital imaging projects.

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The second complication was that the OCR software had difficulty recognizing the older fonts and formats of these articles.

Because fixed costs are the same for very large jobs or small jobs, the cost per item for very small jobs will be quite large. The gray rectangles represent the digit dimensions. Access to an article can be improved by simply cataloging a classic article, and some researchers have concluded that maintaining easy access to the print is more desirable for researchers [ 14 ]. Certainly, costs and benefits in any project must be stuyd weighed before deciding to digitize print resources.

This material can be made more accessible by producing digital copies of important older articles from the collection and then making them available on the Internet.


In better-quality copies, OmniPage did a very good job. This gap was filled by ssocr. OCR attempted to answer some frequently encountered questions regarding these ongoing and future uses in the Guidance. For some of the articles, directly scanning the article from the original bound journal ended up being the superior method. Using the per-page time of 0. With the usage of our services you permit us to use cookies.

Since then, a usb camera points to the token inside a ofr box and ssocr is used to get the number into the computer.

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The Cures Act requires such guidance to clarify:. Image created with ssocr -D. Using OCR software on older print material entails many challenges. The brittle nature of the originals also necessitated handling them very carefully, a time-consuming process.

Libraries must weigh the possible benefit of digitization against the costs they will likely incur. Stud, instead of an image format file, was selected so that the articles would be completely searchable.

jkl case study ocr

General guidelines for scanning. It would seem more likely, however, that projects would involve mixes of articles and fonts. The benefit of repeating this project in other libraries would be that with relatively small investment historically important articles would be made accessible to more medical historians and researchers.

Any money spent digitizing materials of doubtful value will represent waste of resources. Such a revocation sstudy preclude use or disclosure for research purposes of new data obtained subsequent to the date of the revocation although, as discussed below, previously obtained PHI may continue to be used in certain cases.


Although scanning is not much more difficult than photocopying, workers doing this type of work must be familiar with basic computer functions and must be careful and detail oriented.

The standard, archival-quality, bitmapped image file is called tagged image file format TIFF. Get feedback and tips from experienced examiners on your test performance. Open in a separate window.

Cost analysis of a project to digitize classic articles in neurosurgery

This image is segmented to find the digits and then each digit is recognized individually. An appropriate step to take before costing out a digitization project would be to perform the entire digitization process on a small sample of one or two articles.

No scanlines are used to recognize a one. As discussed below, it would have little impact of any PHI used or disclosed for research prior to the revocation. The image is optionally filtered and then transformed into a monochrome representation with the digits as foreground using some form of thresholding.

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A lot of guidance is there with regular new inputs. A 7-segment data logger Perl script written and used by Alan Bates. Because a goal of this project was to study the process and provide averages for time and costs, we decided to do jjl work internally with student help.