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I don’t know much about Antigua myself, and I learned a lot when reading this one. Paperback , 81 pages. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. So we swapped readings: Reading both of these books one after the other–they’re a strange pair.

I love and hate this book at the same time. I’ll never take a Caribbean cruise. A Small Place August 19 39 Sep 09, Wow, this is extremely guilt-inducing to anyone who ever has or wants to go to a beautiful Caribbean island to “get away from it all. The anger is obviously there, but through recounting personal memories and times, we get to hear wistfulness, hope in change and love for her country in there too. Kincaid’s tirade against the Western powers which colonized and exploited small, Caribbean territories such as her homeland of Antigua and the corrupt, patronizing leaders who have dominated the political scene since the island nation achieved independence. I like that even though this is an essay and her arguments are clear cut, she does show emotion too.

Jamaica Kincaid’s expansive essay candidly appraises the ten-by-twelve-mile island in the British West Indies where she grew up, and makes palpable the impact of European colonization and kincaidss.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I have no idea. I want to give this as a wedding present to any couple planning a Caribbean honeymoon. To understand the violent rage that is piling up inside even the most smal, Iraqi, to understand what can spur someone into the ultimate act of nihilism- suicide bombing, one needs to look no further than Kincaid’s justifiable hate. See 2 questions about A Small Placeā€¦.

Nov 28, Sandy rated it it was ok. Four short autobiographical essays, anti-travel, Jamaica Kincaid at her most provocative.


jamaica kincaids essay a small place

While she indeed acknowledges the justifications of oppression based on race in England’s colonization of Antigua, she also attempts to transcend the notions of an inescapable racialized past. Apr 07, Christine rated it did not like it.

Success seems to be something only attainable by those who are either from royalty or those who are willing to be criminals. Mar 10, Hana Alharastani rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jane King, a Carribean writer, responds “Kincaid does not like the Plce very much, finds it dull and boring and would rather live in Vermont. That is what this essay smll about: She gives many unconscious examples throughout her book that show us how she has had her life impacted.

Mainly lpace colonization h A powerful, albeit short essay by an author who generally tells it like it is, whether fictional or as in this case, not. Her essay summed up in th Four short autobiographical essays, anti-travel, Jamaica Kincaid at her most provocative.

jamaica kincaids essay a small place

I want to understand the politics, too, and what Western systems, ideas, and governments have truly done with island life. It’s hard to tell, and therein lies the interesting tension in this book, which she sums up with this passage: Sir Thomas Warner from England was able to colonize the island in by starting plantations that included tobacco and sugarcane.

These essays are scathing and incredibly thought-provoking about the past and Wow, this is extremely guilt-inducing to anyone who ever has or wants to go to a beautiful Caribbean island to “get away from it all. In the prime minister was Vere Bird.

A Small Place is kinciads work of creative nonfiction published in by Jamaica Kincaid.


A Small Place

It created a storm in Antigua, as anyone who reads it could well imagine. The culture, and values of the island have drastically changed. And so everywhere they went they turned it into England; and everybody they met they turned English.

My friends think I am excited over a home run or a to Confession time, gentle reader. Kincaid is an American citizen now, essentially, joining the jamalca she condemns in this book.

When I reached halfway through the book, I began to wonder if this book was banned at some point. The unreal way in which it is beautiful now that they are a free people, is the unreal way in which it was beautiful when they were slaves. In this essay, Kincaid details foreign presence in Antigua and its influence on her native population.

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However informative a good intelligent rant may be, though, it sometimes needs a good editor. Her anger is justified and validated in her writing.

This is the kind of book that makes me uncomfortable with myself, and forces me to think about my world in a way that I don’t like to admit. Kincaid’s work has received mixed reviews, both positive and negative. If this library does exists i hope she put some of that vacation home money towards it. May 02, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: