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After three nights of walking, she came to a rebel camp where Bonner and Meiselas were waiting to take the route back to Honduras. From their separate interviews and observations, Bonner and Guillermoprieto, who did not consult each other afterwards, put together more or less the same basic account of what had happened:. He picked up the canister and, heeding the plea on the handwritten copy, dictated the story to the Post. That led to an air of mistrust. After the first piece was published, he worked on the massacre story and then, much like Hoagland and De Young at the Post, set it aside, assuming he could talk with Bonner about it the next day. The First Red Century Issue The case against the officials was only made possible in after the Supreme Court struck down a amnesty law that prohibited the prosecution of crimes committed during the war, which ended with a peace accord in January

They suggested that what the United States was supporting in Central America was not democracy but repression. They claimed that there were no records for the period. Why do I say that? It was going to be on page 17 in four paragraphs. Between the Risings Issue Despite the obvious hatred of him by right wing extremists, he would jog by himself every morning.

el mozote massacre case study

The village had fifteen to twenty mud brick homes around a square with a church and a small building that served as a kind of sacristy. Rufina Amaya, who had heard the screams of her husband and other children as they were murdered, managed to slip away.

el mozote massacre case study

During the past two and a half years, she had worked as a stringer for a London newsletter, the Guardian and, since stidy, The Washington Post.

But things are changing in El Salvador.


El Mozote massacre

They stayed there until fl believed it was safe to come back to El Mozote in Not only was the loss of these lives not enough to convince the United States to change its brutal course in El Salvador, but the Right sprang into action to downplay the massacre and attack the journalists who first reported it.

According to Bonner, Sanderson was killed in combat a few months later. Assembly Required Issue 9: Both before and after the massacre, the soldiers killed civilians in other villages.

el mozote massacre case study

Phase Two Issue In fact, many appear to have been rewarded. When their helicopter attempted to land near El Mozote, they came under fire.

Many townspeople also likely reasoned that their odds would be better staying in a town without guerrillas than to be caught somewhere else with them, which would almost certainly result in death. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The reassignment, however, was interpreted in some journalistic circles as a repudiation of Bonner and a surrender to pressures from the Reagan Administration.

An array of bones lay in the burned sacristy. They therefore threatened to shift the political debate from means to ends, from how best to combat the supposed Communist threat—send US troops or merely US aid?

The evidence showed that many of the victims were lying on the ground when shot from above by the killers standing in the door and by the windows. The El Mozote Massacre was unique in the sheer number of innocent lives lost, and mzssacre for the wanton brutality exhibited during it.

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Bonner agrees that he was not reassigned because of State Department pressure over the El Mozote story. Every murder of civilians, every rape, every execution of leftist-sympathizing clergy, every mass killing of innocents was justified by a zealous anticommunism that sought to maintain crushing levels of poverty and wealth and political power in the hands of a tiny, brutal, US-friendly elite with no popular support but the masscare backing of American power behind it.


Monterrosa himself had spent some of his early years attending courses at the School of the Americas, which has long churned out Latin American soldiers responsible for subsequent human-rights abuses and coups throughout the hemisphere. El Salvador Civil War”.

The complaint opens the official criminal investigation of the massacre of El Mozote. The Atlacatl, commanded by Lt.

Commission on the Truth for El Salvador. The soldiers entered the house and began slashing the children with machetes, breaking mozzote skulls with their rifles and choking them to death. Though she might find herself in extreme dangers, she nozote that these were “the rules of the game. Retrieved December 11, There was no more arguing.

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Ours to Master Issue She had not been scooped by Bonner. Salvadoran Army, Atlacatl Battalion. According to declassified CIA documents, the operation involves troops, approximately one-third of the Armed Forces, and is scheduled to massacrw until December They eventually interviewed some inhabitants of a refugee camp in the nearby municipality of Gotera, but were accompanied by Salvadoran soldiers, making honest and open discussion impossible.