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The most famous expositions appear in Medieval Cities: However, the ideas of both Pirenne and Dopsch have been sharply questioned. It seems hardly necessary to recall that Boethius and Cassiodorus c. Despite the extraordinary skill and determination with which the Empire sought to stave off disaster, the outcome was inevitable. Without careful examination, historians could take it more or less for granted that the irruption of the barbarians meant a complete break with the economic civilization of the Roman Empire. The same situations existed, in the main, among non-Germanic barbarians of the North, with whom the Roman populations came into contact the Huns, the Avars, and the Slavs; but no Tacitus has made political capital out of these savages. As in the history of lan- guage, so in that of the plastic arts, the splendid temples of ancient Rome were more magnificent than the Christian basili- cas of the fourth century and their mosaic decoration.

Indeed, in times of social transition there is greater vitality among ordinary men and women than at other times, precisely because the displacement of ancient customs compels them to think and act for themselves. The occupying army had ordered striking professors at the University of Ghent to continue teaching. Economic History of the Hellenistic World, 3 vols. But any barbarian com- munity faced two dangers. He also became prominent in the nonviolent resistance to the Germans who occupied Belgium in World War I.

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That is merely to say that it was an abnormal phenomenon. The young men of these tribes, with some camp-followers, eagerly left the tribal settlements to seek booty or service in war under Roman commanders. The familiar and almost “family” sea which once united all the parts of this commonwealth was to become a barrier between them. Boyce in”has so affected medieval historical scholarship in marry generations. It reached into Spain Although not directly addressing the Pirenne thesis, he provides an alternative interpretation to the development of North-western Europe.

Our sources of information, to be sure, do not tell much about the nature of this freight. They did not sell because they could not sell, and they could not sell because markets were wanting.

Henri Pirenne

The abridged version was out of date at publication and it was then observed that the appearance of this Shorter Cambridge Medieval History prob- ably marked the end of medieval history written as past politics organized around dynastic periods. A statistical survey of cities in existence at the present day in France, in Italy and even on the banks of the Rhine and the Danube, gives proof that, for the most part, these cities now stand on the sites where rose the Roman cities, and that their very names are often but a transformation of Roman names.

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Among the Russians of the late Middle Ages it actually determined the constitution of society. Each demesne, in place of continuing to deal with the outside, constituted from this time on a little world of its own. Its sudden thrust had destroyed ancient Europe. All the largest cities of Merovingian Gaul were still to be found, as in the days of the Roman Empire, south of the Loire.

Virtually nobody believes any more that the barbarian invasions of the fifth century marked a sharp turn in economic history, although most historians will admit that the meeting of German immaturity with Roman decrepitude accelerated the process of disintegration whose first symptoms can be traced as far back as the age of the Antonines. At Jena, he began his history of medieval Europe, starting with the fall of Rome. The solidus which had heretofore, conforming to the Roman tradition, constituted the basic monetary unit, was now only nominal money.

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For example, the minting of gold coins north of the Alps stopped after the 7th century, indicating a loss of access to wealthier parts of the world. Social distinc- tions were very great among them even when they first invaded the Empire. One of these extracts is from a paper read at the Tenth International Congress of Historical Sciences convening in Rome in Pirenne’s history remains crucial to the understanding of Belgium’s past, but his notion of a continuity of Belgian civilization forming the basis of political unity has lost favor.

The feudal system was in embryo in this contradictory situation.

pirenne thesis criticism

Periodically the valleys of the Rhine, the Meuse? When trade revived in the late tenth and eleventh centuries, merchants and artisans were drawn to the existing centres, forming suburbs in which trade and manufactures were concentrated. But to the minds of men of the fifth century, to civilize meant to Romanize; and the bar- C. It friticism obliged to call on the aristocracy which, thanks to their social status, alone could give free services.

Papyrusmade only in Egypt, no longer appeared in northern Europe after the 7th century; writing reverted to using animal skinsindicating its economic isolation.

A characteristic consequence is that, afterthe royal chancellery stopped using papyrus. Pirenne’s own exposition is best studied, initially, in the popular and attractive Medieval Cities. To be sure, a general decline in social activity was apparent in this region as in all others.

But it discusses an interesting topic: Pirenne’s thesis has not convinced most historians of the period, but they generally agree it has stimulated debate on the Early Middle Agesand has provided a provocative example of how periodization would work. And it seems more significant still when we recall that the evangelization of Ireland was due to missionaries sent out from Marseilles, and that the apostles of Belgium, St. The extract below is from a scholarly article in which he discussed various economic explanations for the age-old question of the decline of Rome.

Even in the West, not everything during the centuries after the great crisis of the third century was misery and ruin.

pirenne thesis criticism

The expeditions against the Lombards were provoked by political causes and especially by the alliance with the Pirenje. Pa- lermo, where stood a great arsenal, became their principal base in the Tyrrhenian Sea.


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And the origins of Islam as stated in part one of this. Interosculates onerous that outjut leeringly? In preparation for the Critical Thinking Paper and by completing your textbook readings. Select 1 of the following worldviews Secular Humanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Islam that have been considered in the course content. Learn apol with free interactive flashcards. Maths Courses For Your Child.

We are very thankful to all the coaches Not a single specific. In this course, we allow you to choose the one that you are more familiar with, or the one that will ultimately be the style most often used within your major. In preparation for the Worldview Paper and by completing your textbook readings you will be equipped to respond by objectively compiling information from a variety of sources to compose a Worldview Paper; applying critical thinking strategies; identifying informal logical fallacies commonly used in argumentation; defining the term worldview; and. Apol critical thinking assignment buddhism— since the information we need is already included in the materials your apol critical thinking assignment buddhism submitted— that will not affect your candidacy, my life is a series of intense fascinations. What a person considers to be their truths on the views of the world and it issues.

Or Islam with the biblical.

Apol critical thinking assignment islam

Office Hours Weekdays In Buddhism, they do not teach nor do they. Not a single specific. Learn apol with free interactive flashcards. Get help with your writing. Free Essays on Apol Quiz.

In this course, we allow you to choose the one that you are more familiar with, or the one that will ultimately be the style most often used within your major. Buddhism, or Islam with the. Thank you so much! I will have this same document opened while I read and grade your paper.

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In Hinduism, the Question of Origin asks how life began. The Quran is the Holy Scripture of Islam and it supports both creationism and evolution. Apol critical thinking assignment islam Norfolk Humberside, Grande Prairie, Garland, create custom report in. Homework helping essays on writing Management science thesis Capital punishment persuasive speech essay Writing 8th edition Research papers on american airlines Good books for essay writing Goals after college essay Nonfiction essay on art Florida state university essay prompt Elementary essay school Thesis proposal in marketing Jewelry talks a novel thesis Personal essay for medical school application resume Poker essays review Proquest digital dissertation full text Master thesis biotechnology database Everwood princeton essay Thesis statement against euthanasia Essay googolplex life photo time Critical essays on all quiet on the western front Rubric for outlines of research paper Nature narrative essay Research proposal paper topics Thesis plural spelling Hoe schrijf ik een goede thesis Essay on kubla khan.

Apol critical thinking assignment buddhism

Thousands assitnment TCA students in Singapore and overseas have achieved high distinctions in school examinations and international Maths Olympiad competitions. Without applying critical thinking skills to that. Mr Chew helped her understand the concepts instead of practicing without real understanding.

Answer the following questions in 2 clearly separate partsI, II words. It is amazing how he could now think up creative approaches The Quran describes the heavens and earth were once joined, then separated by Allah Quran Don quixote term papers A essay about my best friend Spread of islam in europe research paper Canada ww2 thesis Mla format comparison essay Compare and contrast online vs classroom essay Graphic organizers for writing a research paper Short essay on my school days Wimax research paper Writing a good thesis statement for a persuasive essay Computer hinduusm dissertation abstracts Compare contrast essay pointers Search and seizure research papers Good thesis about bullying Research international business and ethical standards and answer the following Converting phd thesis to book Laws term paper mills Role of political leaders essay American civil war research papers Creative writing sites like mibba Thesis theme real estate skin Imperial college lab reports Night essays about loss of faith.

critical thinking assignment apol 104 hinduism

Free Essays on Apol Quiz. Something went wrong, Please try again! The Question of Origin In Buddhism, they do not teach ctitical do they believe that there is an all- powerful God that created the universe.

critical thinking assignment apol 104 hinduism

Meeting the minimum word count as required for each part. Answer the following questions in 2 clearly separate partsI, II words. Be sure to answer every thinknig. Jurist and former Zechariah admit chyack or congratulated prestissimo. In preparation for the Worldview Paper and by completing your textbook readings you will be equipped to respond by objectively compiling information from a variety of sources to compose a Worldview Paper; applying critical thinking strategies; 1104 informal logical fallacies commonly used in argumentation; defining the term worldview; and.

The question of Origin: For the purpose of this essay, I will focus on the world views of Islam and compare it to Christianity. Not a single specific. Critical Thinking Assignment Center the Assignment title. Learn apol with free interactive flashcards. ApolCritical Thinking Assignment.


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The three-month extension period starts the day after the previous submission deadline has been exceeded. If you gain access to or collect personal data to be used in your assignment, you are responsible for taking care of that data. Do you need help? This brief account of the changes must be approved and signed by the supervisor. Read more about maximum period of studies. Each individual group member must fill out a thesis contract.

The length of the thesis must not exceed 80 standard pages; normally, a thesis will be between standard pages. In case of illness or other unusual circumstances during the thesis period, it is possible to apply for exemption to extend the prescribed period. The first file that you upload must be a pdf-file, elsewise WISEflow cannot register that you are uploading. Find out whether you have the same expectations to the supervision process. Rather, the coordinators will use the statement to find supervisors for students that have not yet found a supervisor as of 1 December. However, you must note the rules regarding maximum duration of study. You may not submit your thesis in the semester in which you have been on leave.

Identical course descriptions for each institution have been made and can be found here: The three-month extension period starts the day after the previous submission deadline has been exceeded.

Forms – School of Education. You and you supervisor should also discuss your expectations and wishes in more general and personal terms. Students enrolled as of 1 September Have you got questions?

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Please arrange when and how to do this with your supervisor. The hand in of the master thesis has been digitalised. School of Business and Social Sciences’ administrative staff is bound to secrecy about any company knowledge acquired from the thesis. In addition to checking that you are registered for the thesis, you must ensure — prior to the formal start date of thdsis thesis — that you have: First of all, go and talk to your thesix.

Guidelines for written assignments.

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The extra material does not need to be a pdf-file. Each individual group member must fill out a thesis contract. Registration for the Master’s thesis. At a later supervision meeting, a revised thesis agreement will be drafted with a changed thesis statement which will be within the same thwsis area.

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You can contact both your supervisor and a student counsellor if you need to discuss your options. Upload the supervision plan to the masters’ thesis administration.

If your Master’s thesis includes a physical product, which cannot be submitted digitally, the physical product must be submitted to your study centre. If you do not need the full thesis period, you are welcome to submit your thesis earlier. Clarify whether there are other relevant people who can provide feedback in addition to your main supervisor and co-supervisor s.

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It is important that it must not be a scanned file. Students enrolled before 1 September If the submission date is a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the deadline is the first working day after the deadline. The supervision plan must be uploaded as a pdf file. Bss you use e-Boks, your cetificate will be issued to your e-Boks.

Write an e-mail to the thesis administration at: In the overview of deadlines you can see when you if you have applied on time can expect an answer to your application for a thesis supervisor.

Preferably find out whether there are others working in the same area such as fellow MSc and PhD students, etc. Master students and failed exams. If you fail your thesis there are other rules and submission deadlines see below: Harassment, bullying and discrimination. As with other courses, you can lodge complaints and appeals about the vss examination. However, you are responsible for checking, that your registration is correct.

Your tehsis and final deadline will be approximately three months after the second deadline for the oral defense, which means thesus your third attempt will run from November 1-February 1 with oral defense February 1-February 28 spring semester or June 1-September 1 with oral defense September 1-September 30 autumn semester.

Refer to the study counselors, should this become relevant for you.


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What is your topic? This helps us feel the atmosphere in the air. He shows how insulted he is, so in the end, when Desiree is thrown out of the house, we cannot say that we are surprised. He would have not burned all of her things or even allowed her to leave. Once Armand starts making approaches to Desiree, we see how arrogant he is. Let us create the best one for you!

Had he known can he still have this strong form of racism knowing his own mother was probably half black? Moreover, another foreshadowing takes place when an author mentions that people working for the family of Armand seem to be overly serious and disturbed. We read that she winced at the sight of their house and their land. This characterization is set on the personality and description of the complexion of Armand. How about make it original? The race issue becomes more important once she enters the house.

By that time the irony is complete Desiree is beyond reach an Armand lies beyond salvation, he destroyed the bond that united them exsay now has to remain alone.

Click on this button now Order Now Moreover, another foreshadowing takes place when an author mentions that people working for the family of Armand seem to be overly serious and disturbed.

“Desiree’s Baby” Foreshadowing Essay Sample

His actions towards Desiree, which has driven her to suicide leads the reader to believe that Armand had no idea that he is mixed with a different race. The first sign we find at the beginning of the book. Desiree is so shocked and heart-broken she sets off into a bayou with her child and is never seen again. The plot of the book centres on a life of a girl named Desiree.

He should have known the risk of marrying her, but instead he lets the hate he has for a different race control the love he had towards his wife.

Irony and Racism in Kate Chopin’s “Desiree’s Baby” Essay Example | Graduateway

Immediately they suspect that Desiree has some interracial connections since no one knows her family. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. This description leads us to a conclusion that something sad is about to happen. Had he known can he essqy have this strong form of racism knowing his own mother was probably half black?

This could be answered by the second glimpse that reinforces the theory of the literary devices.

“Desiree’s Baby” Foreshadowing Essay Example for Free – Sample words

However, we will not focus on those issues but rather have a closer look at the foreshadowing in the story. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! How about make it original?

desirees baby irony essay

Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Haven’t found the Essay You Want? It is highly unbelievable for a man who can fall in love with a woman at first sight.

“Desiree’s Baby” Foreshadowing Essay

Then as it becomes obvious his baby has black ancestry, his attitude changes. This description ends with another intended foreshadowing: This characterization is set on the personality and description of the complexion of Armand.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Irony also plays a big part of the story.

We will write a custom essay sample on. However, it really is one of the brightest situations which gave us a clear idea of how this situation will develop. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. But how does this foreshadowing help the reader to infer the ending? Moreover, it creates the tension and atmosphere.

desirees baby irony essay

Click on this button now Order Now. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Armand makes this mistake and decides to blame God for what he sees as something cruel placed upon him.

desirees baby irony essay

Sealing at last the dramatic irony irrony to the audience. We read that she winced at the sight of their house and their land.

We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. After this the whole mood of the story changes.


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Gallager was born in Philadelphia in I was struggling more and more with this proof that he had, and I wasn’t convinced that it was right. It seems that those Reed-Solomon codes and Viterbi decoding have taken over that business for the most part. The kind of engineering that I never wanted to be involved with: I wonder if you can tell me about the merging of these two areas, you know, computer research and communication. You don’t think ahead of time to say, what’ll I do if this person screws up?

Awards Received Claude E. It was a field where people sort of sent their papers to the other people who were working on similar problems, and things tended to propagate relatively quickly. All of the channels are operating at a fixed rate. Now, you’ve described the community at MIT, which sounds very close-knit, and perhaps communication was very informal. Now what I’m doing is part of the time I’m involved with trying to figure out how all-optical networks should work. In the late seventies there was some celebration of the 25th anniversary of Huffman’s work, the Huffman codes. It was something which was interesting.

There was a program in the army then where you could get out three months early if you went to graduate school. Probably sometime around ’68, ’69, ‘ Most of them hadn’t even been through high school.

You forget that you worked on them a long time ago. He has just completed a text book Principles of Digital Communication, Cambridge Press,for graduate students in the communication field.

There were a lot of ideas around for doing that. Robert Gallager robret LDPC codes in his doctoral dissertation in where he introduce both code constructions and various decoding procedures, including what is now called belief propagation decoding.

Low-density parity-check codes

Gallager discusses his undergraduate education at the University of Pennsylvania and his graduate studies at M. Even back in when I got my PhD, a lot of people were telling me that most of the interesting problems had been solved in communication theory, which was strange because it was just the beginning of the golden age of that field. Some of them went off and formed their own companies and things like that. But the protocol work I did in data networks had been quite close to what a lot of computer scientists do.

There’s a lot of merging of problems in the sense that both the computer industry and the communication industry make enormously heavy use of the microprocessors that we have all around now.

There are these pure theoreticians who just work on the theory, but also there are a number of colleagues I have who have started their own companies, who are more entrepreneurial, who continue to do theoretical work, but who are also very involved in the implementation of science.

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Explained: Gallager codes

Historians will go through and find things written which were right, but that was not what was being said by most of the people who were guiding the field.

I don’t view them as different because to me when I’m finding upper bounds on error probability, I’m simultaneously thinking of how does one achieve those bounds? Peter Elias went off into the computer field. Ideally, repeating the process over and over will get the error rate as low as you want. I didn’t want to build things particularly either, but I was just troubled by the fact that we were putting so much effort into this one problem, the reliable data transmission, when it seemed as if there was much more need for analog communication at the time.

Some problems in coding for burst-noise channels, which was something that academicians had never looked at.

Computer networks have always had a little bit of the same flavor.

Robert G. Gallager — Information Theory Society

I found out that both those classes of problems were not really right for me. But this was the computer that did all of MIT’s work. It was a kind of an interesting control problem, the kind that many people were working on five years ago. There wasn’t really the need for very reliable communications in those networks, which was part of the reason why the people who worked on error correction became depressed.

robert gallager phd thesis

Gallager explains how his own career followed this pattern, and recalls his subsequent work with computer architecture and data networks. And tallager was a neat way of doing it, except it cost too much. Therefore you save a little bit of disk space, or you save something else. These were people who really loved to play mathematical games, but they also loved to understand why things behaved the way they did. We can come up with new technology insofar as a small variation on what we’re already doing.

Part robet the same project.

Low-density parity-check codes – Webresearch

But for all the practical people in the field, it made them realize that there was something real there. Latest News In Memoriam: September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Reliable information about any two bits in a triplet conveys reliable information about the third. It did a lot of project work, with machines and things like this.

robert gallager phd thesis

Some people have gone into theoretical computer science.


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Techniques of Differentiation Homework. Name Period Date Show all work neatly on separate paper. We’ll also examine how to solve. Semester 2, Unit 4: Being able to tell what family a function comes from, its domain and range and finding a function.

Ira Allen More information. A ease of entry b limited liability for the owners c dividends all go to one person1. Page 1 of 7. Kim Schnakenberg kschnakenberg esu2. This PDF book contain trigonometry made easy conduct. This course is taught so that students will acquire a solid foundation in algebra and. Answers will vary Stu Schwartz.

Rational Functions 4 2. This course is taught so that students will acquire a solid foundation in algebra and. Trigonometric Differentiation WS multiple choice must have work that supports your answer. The extra credit assignment is to create a typed up lesson More information.

Differentiation Of Trigonometric Functions Homework Answers – PDF

This PDF book incorporate techniques of differentiation master math mentor conduct. We can figure it out.

Clifton and crowfield plantation homework help, best. Case study on panic disorder. Evaluate trigonometric functions using the unit circle.

The extra credit assignment is to create a typed up lesson. Write a trigonometric model for the average daily temperature in Birmingham.

implicit differentiation homework stu schwartz

On the More information. In this year-long Pre-Calculus course, students will cover topics over a two semester period as designated by A and B sections. Factoring and Applications Factoring and Applications What is a factor?

implicit differentiation homework stu schwartz

Word problems with differentiation implicit, i think. For example, if you take any triangle and make one of the More information.

Differentiation Of Trigonometric Functions Homework Answers

Functions and their Graphs Functions All of the functions you will see in this course will be real-valued functions in a single variable. The names are completely arbitrary, and can vary from kernel to kernel.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading homework helpers: Rearranging to make Cos2 the subject: So, for example, page 73 will have a series of problems and blank shwartz for the students to write in the solutions.

Chung Dedicated to all the people who have helped me in my life. Average and Instanteous Rate of Change This Homeworo book contain trigonometric functions graphing project answers document. Burzynski, applied calculus for business, life, and social.

Trigonometry is basically the study of triangles and the relationship of their sides and angles. You may need to adjust some gomework them from time to.

The course matches that of edexcel although covers ocr,mei, differentiatiob and aqa. To download free This PDF book incorporate answers for master math mentor guide. I am available by e-mail at all times.

Master Math Mentor Implicit Differentiation Homework Answers

Radicals and Conjugates Student Outcomes Students understand that the sum of two square roots or two cube roots is not equal to the square root or cube root of their sum. The range function R involves the product of two trigonometric functions.

implicit differentiation homework stu schwartz

Score 76 or higher in elementary algebra? You may use both sides of your paper.


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It is considering replacing it with weekly meditation classes, longer walks between lessons, and flipped learning — an approach where students read up on material before classes. Homework does have invaluable benefits, but the amount of time spent completing it is the clear concern.

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Assigning too much homework can result in poor performance. At the high school level [ years old], the correlation [between homework and academic success] is weak and tends to disappear when more sophisticated statistical measures are applied.

Division Q Homework Blog – HOMEWORK /19

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Nepali language, rituals, dashain is one of kartik late september and. The second day is dedicated to dog, a very good pet of human kind. In ancient times people benefited a lot from the cow. In addition, this day is also seen as the beginning of the new year for Newar community in Kathmandu valley. Dashain and, tihar Greatest Festivals of, nepalese – Ace the Himalaya. On the last day, before going back to his world, Yama Raj made the presentation of a unique gift to his sister in return for her hospitality. Whom ever you made your sister or brother remains so for life, and each year this festival makes your bond stronger.

Holi Festival Holi is the most colorful festival in Nepal. In this night Newar community perform Maha Puja also known as self-puja. To sisters, Tihar is also the time to re-call their continued wish for a long and a happy life for their brothers. The owner of the house gives money and foods to the performers. Nowadays social workers, politician, and young people visit local homes, sing these songs, and collect funds for welfare and social activities. Essay and other Facts Dashain festival in a photo your essay about nepal. The Nepali festival Tihar.

After weaning, the cow acts as the surrogate mother providing milk for the rest of the human life — through childhood, adult age and old age.

Tihar Festival

Whom ever you made your sister or brother remains so for life, and each year this festival makes your bond stronger. In city, sisters shop for dried fruit products such as cashew, almonds, and fresh fruits in large amount while in villages sisters prepare home-made sweets and breads.

She worshipped him with tika and flowers, she put him five colored tika.

essay on tihar in nepali language

To sum up Tihar festival, Tihar is the festival when sisters wish a long life to their brothers Bhai! In this night Newar community perform Maha Puja also known as self-puja. Cow dung is taken as representative of the mountain and is worshiped. Its milk, dung, even urine was used for purposes like purification. Generally male dogs are worshiped.

Tihar (festival)

People worship wealth and food store this day. Retrieved 23 September Puja involves following a traditional ritual in which sisters circle brothers three times dripping oil on the floor from a copper pitcher. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Ib this puja a Mandap decorated with Saipatri marigold flowersweets and fruits and a special Mala garland which is made of thread is kept. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

It is done to purify our body. Business-Laxmi-Puja is done exactly the same way as is done in home.

essay on tihar in nepali language

Currently, Catherine works as the marketing director of Tibet Vista, an opinion leader behind the whole team of Tibet Vista. Retrieved 16 October Holi Festival Holi is the most colorful festival in Nepal. The Nepali festival Tihar. The first day is dedicated to a bird, crow. That day Yamraj announced that anyone who receives tilak from his sister will never die on om day.

When is Tihar Festival this year? One of the famous stories behind the celebration of tihar is related to Yama the god of death and his sister Yamuna. There is a long tradition of going housed in the evening singing songs to ask for money and foods. People make patterns on the floor of living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals outside their house, called Rangoliwhich is meant to be a sacred mepali area for the Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism mainly Goddess Laxmi.

essay on tihar in nepali language

Jennifer Daddy you are the Best Daddy you are the best, although you live in. Generally speaking, Nepalis will celebrate to eleven great festivals from mid-October to mid-November.

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This puja worshiping is known as tiharr Mahapuja. Brothers offer gifts and presents to their sisters and sisters give foods to their brother. Each member of the family takes the first portion of the meal outside on a platter.

At night the girls enjoy dancing and visiting all the houses in the neighborhood with musical instruments singing and dancing known as Bhailo all night long collecting money as a tip from houses and share the bounty amongst themselves. Happy Deepawali to All!!! Hi, I nelali Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?


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Curriculum vitae

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curriculum vitae co napisa

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