• February 12, 2020

Besides that, I have a leadership personality. I am 36 years old and married with four kids. I had done my school at insert school. Wherever got way, there is an opportunity for us to move ahead. Recently, I had move to an Islamic bank to change the environment of work and to embark in more challenging experience. My success in the future lies in my own hand. Therefore, I planned to have a business such as to operate a food business, supermarket, to supply health and beauty products, etc.

Through all these programmes, I gained so many experiences in handling and managing things. And the final step is to submit the printed online application, autobiographical essay, and other related things such as photocopy of IC, transcript, and so on to the faculty hard copy. Essay tu pasal diri kita, achievement, experience. Besides having flying colours in my activity, study were not being left out behind. Dear visitors, thank you!

My name is insert name and I was born in insert date. Then tetiba sorang staff ni cakap “adik, pergi bilik sekian sekian, kena buat test dulu ye” Ada TEST! Part time – 1 and half year must have 1 year working experience.

I would say that I am proud that I am able to take the responsibilities given to me. The rest they just explained about MBA in AAGBS, Before the interview session end, I did ask them two questions buat syarat je la tanya ni, nampak sikit macam kita ni betul betul interested. For your information, MBA ni duration course dia: Lama I fikir nak ambik mana satu. Last but not least, for those yang nak sambung MBA atau apa apa course sekalipun, all the best i wish for you guys!


I don’t know why, I just feel that. Masa tahun akhir degree I memang plan untuk sambung master. Recently, I had move to an Islamic bank to change the environment of work and to embark in more challenging experience.

In fact, by having this principal in me, I never feel a burden or face difficulties in many situations. Maka bermula lah proses untuk apply MBA: Anonymous July 26, at 4: Now, after I read it again, I am very proud of myself because when I wrote this essay, I really did it from my heart.

I also have apply for postgraduates studies in Uitm Shah Alam for September intake.

autobiographical essay for mba uitm

Time management plays an important role. I always motivate myself to be a hard working person. I have a planning to own a business that is a family business. Always shows my interest in all the opportunities plus take all challenges as an opportunity for me to success.

I completed my industrial training at clinical laboratory of insert place of internship. Bila dapat tahu dapat panggilan temuduga tu, ayah pesan banyakkan membaca newspaper yang related dengan business The Edge, Focus, Star and so on.

Interview MBA

During my study, I did my final year project specifically in biochemistry under the supervision of Assoc. I know the road ahead will not be easy for me, but I cannot stop here.


autobiographical essay for mba uitm

Besides having flying colours in my activity, study were not being left out behind. For test tu, jawab je lah nak taknak kena lah jawab sebab test tu dia akan collect untuk bagi kepada interviewers.

autobiographical essay for mba uitm

I am excited to make that dream becomes a reality. I was entrusted to hold a president post for my autobbiographical which consists of residents during my diploma year. Have a nice day! One of the project that I handled before was a charity works that my class need to organize.

So tolong lah ye lepas ni kalau pergi memana at least autobiigraphical lah one pen. You can also request things like research papers or dissertations. My family consist of my father, mother, and siblings.

a journey to be a Mukmin: I am proud UiTM’s Product

Although on the way I will find a failure and frustration situation, I will try in every effort to keep on going ahead autbiographical that I will not stop or give up to meet many other opportunities in front. In fact I make them as my interest. I believe this needs a high motivator factor in our own self. Dia cuma tanya; 1.