• December 2, 2019

Please keep your belongings under your desk. Students went to the computer lab to complete DRP reading level testing. Discuss with each student their MCT2 scores and their goal for the first benchmark. Analyze words using connotation and denotation. Complete the Signpost Handout It IS like the one you have already done before, but practice makes perfect.

Conference; write final draft 2. Using the graphic organizer in your IN as an example, create a symbolism chart for the sweater or others symbols you find in the passage. You must always bring your textbook, notebook, math workbook, pencils, and a book to read to class with you each day. Compare Search Please select at least 2 keywords. Students will complete their research on their famous person. Homework will be displayed on the board each time it is given. I would prefer you to email me at melanie.

If I have a visitor you grase to be respectful and continue working on the assignment. Students will share their persuasive essays with classmates 3. Read several passages that will help them understand how to determine a theme within a text. What are the some of the challenges and triumphs of growing up? Include information about the symptoms, causes,treatments, and results of each disease on the poster.


Students will continue to read Wonder. Stand up hand up pair up.

Christensen Middle School

Read and analyze the literary analysis essay example; complete graphic organizer looking at the elements in the essay mimic. Che Conflict essay write 1. Evaluate square roots of small perfect squares and cube roots of small perfect cubes.

8th grade homework chms

Next Week students will complete their first true assessment. If you tell a lie, it becomes a part of your future.

Monday – “Don’t lose your Travel Buddy” – you and your friends dress alike. Analyze the “poem” I Am A Rock. Let’s finish this year off on a positive note!! Complete short comprehension quiz.

Document your time read. Homework Thursday May 4 1. If you come in with an attitude of success than together hoework will succeed. Case21 49; SSR 2.

8th grade- CHMS

Analyze quote and answer questions. Each student will read, determine the central idea, share 10 facts and create a summary for their person. Use scientific notation and choose units of appropriate size for measurements of very large or very small quantities e.


What are you afraid of, AND How do we take care of our mind, body, and world?

Students will also be completing their 9 weeks test for ELA. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? This is not a time to socialize.

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Students are also analyzing figurative language and the author’s purpose for using the language. Write HW in agenda; study the definitions for figurative langauge.

8th grade homework chms

Defending Rainforest Comunities in Brazil”. What confuses me most Students will read their selected story, complete comprehension strategies to aid in comprehension and complete a short quiz over their story.

8th grade homework chms

Use signposts for comprehension. The standings as of today are as follows: Who was involved in WWII 6.